MKPgTM Three-Phase Power Capacitors MKPgTM Gas-Filled Power Capacitors

MKPgTM Three-Phase Power Capacitors:

- High end for the heart of your PFC installation.

design pressed aluminium can with stud M12 x 16, aluminium lid
internal connection delta
tolerance of capacitance -5... + 10%
terminals CAPAGRIPTM three phase screw terminal, IP20
safety device BAMTM (overpressure break action mechanism)
dielectric material low-loss polypropylene, dry
impregnant (filling material) N2
mounting position any position
permitted overvoltages

UN + 10%   8hrs/d          UN + 15%   30min/d

UN + 20%   5min/d          UN + 30%   1min/d

UN x 3.05   max.peak rating

test voltage btw. terminals 2.15 x UN AC/2s
test volatage terminals to case >2 x UN + 1000V AC/2s, typically 3600 or 4500V
maximum permissible current 1.5 ... 1.9 IN
details see data charts, higher values on request
max. inrush current
300 x IN
dissipation losses approx. 0.25W/kvar
max. relative humidity 95%
ambient temperature class -40º/D (max. 55ºC, average 24h: 45ºC)
statistical life expectancy
>130 000h
standards IEC 60831 (2003), VDE 0560-46/47
CSA C22.2 No. 190-M1985, UL Standard No. 810
GOST 1282-88
approval marks (CSA/UL mark for voltages up to 600V)