MCB Model: C45N RCCB Model: JVL4-63

MCB Model: C45N


The product provides protection and control of circuit against overload and short-circuit. The product is applicable to circuit with rated voltage 230/400V, rated frequency 50/60Hz ans rated current not exceeding 63A.

Technical Data

Standard Complied IEC 898(EN60898)
Rated Voltage (Un) 240/415V AC; 50/60Hz
Rated Current (In) 6 to 63A
Number of Pole (module) 1, 2, 3
Characteristics (Tripping Curve) Type B, Type C, Type D
Rated Breaking Capacity 6kA (6000 A)
Ambient Temperature -5?C ~ + 40?C
Endurance Electrical
> 4,000 operating cycles
Degree of Protection
IP 40 (after installation into distribution panel)
Frame Size
Socket Size
81.0 mm
Device Width
18.0mm (per Pole/Module)
Panel Mounting
On symmetrical DIN rail EN 50022
Terminal Protection
Finger and hand touch safe
Terminal Capacity
1 -25 mm2
Endurance Mechanical
> 6,000 operating cycles

Overcurrent Protection Characteristics (Thermal and Electromagnetic Tripping) of Type B, C and D curve shall be referred to the table as below:

No Rated Current In Initial Status Testing Current Testing Time Qualified Results Remarks
1 1~63A Cold 1.13In t≥1h Not tripped
2 1~63A Immediately after previous test 1.45In t<1h Tripped The current increases steadily to a specified value within 5s
3 In≤32A Cold 2.55In 1s<t<60s Tripped
In>32A Cold 2.55In 1s<t<120s Tripped
4 1-63A Cold 3In t≥0.1s Not tripped Curve B
1-63A Cold 5In t<0.1s Tripped Curve B
1-63A Cold 5In t≥0.1s Not tripped Curve C
1-63A Cold 10In t<0.1s Tripped Curve C
1-63A Cold 10In t≥0.1s Not tripped Curve D
1-63A Cold 20In t<0.1s Tripped Curve D