MCB Model: C45N RCCB Model: JVL4-63

RCCB Model: JVL4-63


Residual Current-operated Circuit Breaker provide the function of isolation switching and earth leakage protection of electrical circuits. And also provide the indirect protection of the operator's body against the dangerous effects of electric current and provide the protection of the fire caused by the electrical circuit fault.

"EVERNEW" RCCBs is operating based on the principle of measuring the differential current and tripping through a switch lock of electromagnetic tripping element. Therefore, electrical supply will be discontinue when there is any current leakage fault sense at any of the outgoing "LIVE" or "NEUTRAL" connection.

When installing "EVERNEW" RCCB, we must make sure that all wiring necessary for operation needs to be passed through the RCCB and neutral phase has to be insulated against earth, similar for live conductors. According to relevant regulations, all facilities to be protected are required to be insulated.


Type (2 poles)
(4 poles)
Rated Current 40A, 63A 40A, 63A
Leakage Acting Current 30mA
100mA, 300mA
100mA, 300mA
Range of Break-off
0.5 ~ 1.0 x I Δ n 0.5 ~ 1.0 x I Δ n
Rated Voltage
240V(230V) 240V/415V

Technical Data

Standard Complied IEC 1008 (EN61008)
Rated Voltage (Un) 240/415V AC; 50Hz
Rated Current (In) 40A, 63A (2 Poles & 4 Poles type)
Rated Residual Operating Current (I Δ n) 30, 100, 300mA
Rated Residual Non-operating Current (I Δ no) 0.5I Δ n
Tripping Time <0.1 second
Minimum Value of Rated Making and Breaking Capacity (Im) 630A
Rated Conditional Short-circuit Current (Inc) In=40A          Inc=1500A
In=63A          Inc=3000A
Rated Short-circuit Strength
6000A with 63A gL backup fuse
Operating Characteristics
Type AC with anti nuisance(Ω)
Climatic Resistance
55ºC/28 cycles
Vibration Resistance
Minimum 5g 30 min, 0~8Hz
Ambient Temperature
-5ºC ~ + 40ºC
Endurance Electrical
> 2,000 operating cycles
Degree of Protection
IP 40 (after installation into distribution panel)
Frame Size
Socket Size
88.0 mm
Device Width
36.0mm (2 Poles/Modules)
72.0mm (4 Poles/Modules)
Panel Mounting
On symmetrical DIN rail EN 50022
Terminal Protection
Finger and hand touch safe
Terminal Capacity
1 -25 mm2
Endurance Mechanical
> 2,000 operating cycles