Frequency Inverter

Frequency Inverter

Dynamic torgue-vector control

  • A very high starting torgue of 200% at 0.5Hz.
  • High speed CPU quickly responds to an abrupt load change. (Tripless inverter)
  • Feedback with PG (Excellence control performance).
  • Speed control range : 1:1200
  • Speed control accuracy : ?.02%
  • Class top acceleration 1 deceleration are achieved by using Intelligent IGBT.

On-line tuning system

  • Continuously checking for variation of motor characteristic during running for high-precision speed control.
  • Synchronize the inverter with the actual motor speed througout wide range of motor teperature variation.

Powerful harmonic filter plus noise filter are available

  • Strong and sufficient DC reactor are use to suppress the harmonies to the very minimum level.
  • Complies with EME Directives when connected to EMC compliance filter.

User friendly twin display keypad

  • Large LED display H7, A, V, N/M, r/min, m/min and kw.
  • LCD monitor - operation condition, function data, signal condition, maintenace data and so on.

Other useful feature

  • Build in PID control.
  • RS 485 Serial communication available.
  • Various buses support:
    • Interbus -S
    • Profibus -DP
    • Devicenet
    • Modbus Plus
    • JPCN-1
    • T link
  • Automatic ON/OFF control for inverter cooling fan.
  • High performance energy saving operation mode are available.