BA-DIN Series Terminal Blocks

quick mount terminal blocks

Quick Mount Terminal Blocks With 16 to 400A (600V) Capacity

Type BA .DIN Series Panblock Terminals can snap on and be removed from 35mm-wide DIN rails With a single action

  • Current carrying capacity ranges from 5 to 400 amperes, with a rated insulation voltage of 600 volts.
  • No separator is needed.
  • Available in three-circuit types, and with a fuse or disconnecting switch.
  • Rugged construction with fireresistant (self-extinguishing) properties.
  • Large capacity types (BA811S amd BA911S) can also mount directly on panel surfaces.
  • Masking accessories and dust covers are available separately.
  • UL recognized and CSA Certified models are also available.
  • Housing color:
    Standard Type - Black
    UL/CSA Type - Light gray

UL File No. E78117
CSA File No. LR64803

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