Molded Case Circuit Breakers

  • 2, 3 and 4 pole series up to 1600AF
  • Rated ambient temperature at 40?C calibrated for 50?C available
  • CE marked according to IEC standard and UL approved MCCBs are also available.

Miniature Circuit Breakers

DIN rail mounting

Type BKN-b
IEC60898 type MCB 1 to 4 pole up to 63A & 10kA

Type BKN
IEC60898 type MCB 1 to 4 pole up to 63A & 6kA

Bolt on

IEC type MCCB 2 & 3 pole up to 100kA & 10kA

Residual Current Circuit Breakers

Type RKN

IEC1008 type RCCB 2 & 4pole up to 63A I?n = 30, 100, 300mA

Mini Contactors & Mini overload relays

  • Contactors, AC control
  • Contactors, DC control
  • Starters
  • Reversing contactors, AC control
  • Reversing contactors, DC control
  • Contactor relays
  • Overload relays
  • Accessories
Accessories for Mini contactors & Overload relays

Contactors & Overload relays

  • 3-pole contactors
  • 4-pole contactors

  • Thermal overload relays, Class 10A
  • Thermal overload relays, Class 20


Starvert iP5A Series - Inverter (HVAC And Light Industrial)


Fans: Exhaust, Process, Smoke Spill, Cooling Tower, Humidity Control, Fresh Air, and etc.
Pumps: Chill Water Pump, Condenser Water Pump, Process, Transfer Water, Water Treatment, Presure Control, Cooling Water, Pump and etc.
General: Air Handling Units, Blowers, Dryers and etc

3 Phase, 380~480V, 50-60Hz input / 0-120Hz output
Fan and Pump Load: 5.5kW~450kW (7.5HP~600HP)
Sensorless Vector Control

  • Volts/Hertz & Senserless Vector Control
  • Variable Torque For HVAC & Pump
  • Built-in (RS485) communication port
  • Fan & Pump overload: 110% 1 minute
  • Built-in PID Process Control
  • Maximum Carrier frequency 15kHz
  • Motor parameter auto-turning
  • Built-in Multi Motor Control (up to 90kw)