Transformer / Auto Transformer

Transformer Type Isolation transformer
Primary Voltage Range

Single Phase110V - 240V - 380V - 415V - 440V
Three Phase 200V - 220V - 380V - 415V - 440V

Secondary Voltage Range

Single Phase12V - 24V - 220V - 415V - 440V
Three Phase 100V - 200V - 380V - 415V - 440V


Single Phase3VA - 100KVA
Three Phase 50VA - 500KVA

E-I Silicon Steel Grade High quality 0.5mm silicon steel from Japan
Enameled Copper and Aluminium Wire Grade
  • 1PEW - 150°C Class 1 Polyester enameled copper wire
  • EIW - 180°C Polyesterimide enameled copper wire
  • 200°C Varnish bonded fibre glass covered retangular copper wire
Termination of Wires
  • Polyester or glass reinforced temperature resistance plastic terminal blocks
  • Crome plated high grade mild steel bolts and nuts
  • Soldering pins
  • Flexible wires
Ambient Temperature Maximum ambient temperature 40°C Max
Insulation Class Class A, Class B, Class F & Class H
Cooling Air Cooling
Optional Optional designs are catered for upon request